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2017 Membership Applications are posted now! ****** Final dates for the 2017 season posted!!!

FINAL 2017 HPMA Race Schedule


May 7 - Gillette
May 14 - Casper (May 13 Paid Practice Day)
May 21 - RAIN DATE
May 28 - NO HPMA RACE (HOLIDAY Memorial Day)

June 3-4 - Riverton 2 day race (also Thunder Valley AMA Race)
June 10-11 - NO HPMA RACE
June 17-18 - RAIN DATE
June 24-25 - NO HPMA RACE (Rock Springs Wild West Race)

July 1-2 - NO HPMA RACE (HOLIDAY July 4th)
July 8-9 - NO HPMA RACE
July 15-16 - Rock Springs (2 Day Race, Friday Paid Practice)
July 22-23 RAIN DATE
July 29-30 RAIN DATE

Aug 5-6 - Casper (2 Day Race)
Aug 12-13 - Billings (13 Race Day, 12 Practice Day)
Aug 19-20 - Solar Eclipse
Aug 27 - Riverton Championship Race

Here is our final schedule. We have tried and tried to get another race, specifically down in Colorado. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful. Next year however Berthoud and possibly Watkins are on board.
There is a possibility of another Gillette race. But they are worried they will not have enough help and do not want to risk putting on a bad race. So we will keep you posted on that.
If a bunch of members want to travel down to Watkins or Berthoud on the weekend of July 8th, both have said that would be ok, as a fun day.
Again we are sorry we could not get anymore tracks or races this year, but we will make the best of it! Looking forward to seeing all of you soon! Braaap

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